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Information Technology Tools
This resource contains materials drawn from other sections of the site which make use of multi-media and web based technology. Films, Buddhism Web sites, and on-line texts can be found in their own sections. 
Language Learning Tools On-line Discussion Forums and Listservs
Courses and Lessons on the Internet Distributors of IT Teaching Tools

Language Learning Tools 

Dictionary of Buddhist Terms
Digital dictionary of East Asian Buddhist Terms; has full CJK index and non-diacritical index. Contains terms from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Buddhism (which include many Indian and Tibetan terms) that are written in literary Chinese.

Keiko Schneider’s Bookmarks
A site for teachers and students of Japanese. It has links to language learning resources, teacher resources, bookstores, newspapers and mass media, culture links, relevant organizations, study abroad programs, computing in Japanese to name just a few" (supplied note).

Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Culture
This dictionary of more than 66,000 entries consists of "verified entries from existing dictionaries, word-lists and glossaries . . . terminology used by translators who have received extensive teachings from living Buddhist masters, selected definitions and clarifications from classical literary works, and information of literary personages, sacred places, and names of scriptures" (supplied note).

Sadhu! (click on Pali education section)
Sadhu! Theravada Buddhism Web Directory and Portal provides a list of on-line Pali language resources.

A large list of Indian and Buddhist language software tools including word processors, translators, dictionaries, on-line dictionaries, and fonts.

Web Assisted Chinese Language Learning Forum of Harvard University
Provides a variety of on-line learning tools and exercises from a classical Chinese reader to Chinese pop songs.

Courses and Lessons on the Internet

The Buddha and Four Disciples
Princeton High School Virtual Museum. Interactive introduction to Buddhism lesson based on an on-line image of the Buddha with links to specific topics such as the Four Noble Truths, 32 marks, mudras etc. Geared towards younger students.

Buddhism Past and Present
An on-line course on the history of Indian Buddhism taught by Peter Friedlander via Internet or correspondence. The entire course, including lectures, tutorials and a reading list, is on line. The lectures include Buddhist philosophy, history, texts, and art.

CD-ROMs on Buddhism

Asian Classics Input Project
Digital versions of ancient and endangered Buddhist texts, primarily those from the Kangyur and Tengyur collections. Texts are on CD-ROM and are in their original languages: Sanskrit and Tibetan.

Buddha the Great Legend from Cyber Multimedia.
Explores the life of the Buddha, the spread of Buddhism, its teachings, and Buddhist art.

Buddhist Scripture Information Retrieval (BUDSIR) from the 
Digital Tipitaka Development Team under the Mahidol University Computing Center, Thailand.
A digital edition of the Pali Tipitaka and Atthakatha (Commentary) and other scriptures. Has a comprehensive search engine and sound capacities for listening to the Pali out loud.

Diamond Sutra CD-ROM from the Electronic Buddhadharma Society (EBS).
This CD-ROM contains texts of the Sutra, commentaries, a recitation of the Sutra in Mandarin, and coloured pictures.

Silk Road from DNA Multimedia Corporation.
An introduction to the peoples, history and religion of this ancient trade route.

Religions of the World from Education Planet.
An study of eight of the world's major religions (Buddhism, Shinto, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, and Confucianism) for grades 9 and up. In addition to examining different forms of worship, ceremony and practice, this CD-ROM includes a "Personal View" with audio interviews and video clips of "virtual tours" of famous sites.

Vipassana Research Institute
This site provides complete Pali texts from the Tipitaka and a large collection of related Pali texts. These texts are also available on the Chattha Sangayana CD-ROM.

ZenBase CD-ROM No.1 from the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism (IRIZ). Provides a large collection of Zen texts, bibliographies, articles and tools.

Kyoto Gardens: A virtual stroll through Zen landscapes from Lunaflora.
Read a description of the program at JGarden.

On-line Discussion Forums and Listservs:

Buddha L
"The primary purpose of this list is to provide a forum for serious academic discussion. It is open to all persons inside and outside the academic context who wish to engage in substantial discussion of topics relating to Buddhism" (supplied note).
Subscribe: listserv@ulkyvm.louisville.edu
Contact: rhayes@leacock.lan.mcgill.ca

Scholarly electronic mailing lists designed and owned by Dr. Matthew Ciolek:
Asia-WWW-Monitor@coombs.anu.edu.au [over 600 subscribers]
mailto:Asia-WWW-Monitor@coombs.anu.edu.au [over 300 subscribers]
ZenBuddhism@vivanewmexico.com [over 400 subscribers]

Spirituality in Education
A site to complement the Naropa Institute’s Spirituality in Education Conference. Contains selected transcripts of the conference, on-line seminars, and information on the participants, including several Buddhist teachers.

Wabash Center Discussion Forum
Includes several discussion forums on the issues of teaching and learning in theology and religion.

Distributors of Information Technology Teaching Tools

Digital Learning Group
Provides interactive and updated on-line textbooks for introductory college level courses.

Asia for Educators
A Columbia University site which provides a detailed collection of teaching aids (workbooks, lesson plans etc.), lists of resources, and multimedia presentations on topics concerning China and Japan.

Asian Educational Media Service
The AEMS site provides an extensive database of audio-visual materials for educators. The database is searchable by title, media type, audience level, subject matter, and geographic region.

The site is described in Education About Asia 5.2 (Fall 2000) : 45-46 in "Bringing Sight and Sound to the Classroom" by Sarah Barbour.
UCLA Asian Studies Resources
Wide-ranging resources on East Asian Studies for K-12 through graduate level studies. Includes guides to films, educational materials, institutes for teachers, job opportunities, and resources for K-12 teachers.

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